Anupa Mukhopadhyay, Esquire, Attorney at Law
Anupa Mukhopadhyay, Esquire, Attorney at Law

Practice Areas

Business, Commercial, Transactional Litigation and Negotiation
We are well-versed in virtually all areas of litigation and negotiation, including corporate, banking, construction, business torts, contracts, labor and employment, government contracts, bankruptcy and creditors' rights, appellate, eminent domain, probate and trust, environmental, product liability, and intellectual property law matters. We represent our clients in diverse matters and no matter is too small for us to handle. Our practice focuses on saving our clients financial resources from lengthy expensive litigation and thus help our clients litigate in the best strategic manner that includes negotiation, mediation and arbitration, making use of all alternative dispute resolution tools.
Small Business Planning
We work with our small business clients intimately guiding them through the maze of legal and fiscal requirements. For any business, effective planning is a make or break skill. We have experience ranging from strategic business planning to project planning. Once developed, a good plan is never static, but a dynamic working document that can evolve with progress and changing conditions. We help small businesses to fully integrate and reach a self-sufficiency which sometimes requires legal expertise to participate in helping client make operational decisions.
We focus on corporate legal work that includes corporate formations, corporate structuring, tax advise, due diligence, research, writing of memoranda, drafting documents and preparing filings for state and federal agencies. We routinely draft contracts, corporate resolutions, and severance agreements for owner managed companies. We also represent our clients in commercial litigation.
Family Law
We have extensive expertise in family law issues that include contested and uncontested divorce cases, custody, visitation, child support, establishing paternity, prenuptial agreements, marital property issues, marital separation agreements, guardianship, domestic partnerships, and second parent adoptions, and all other areas involving the practice of domestic law. We focus and specialize in safeguarding and advocating for your rights in this highly emotional field.
Our office provides comprehensive legal services in all areas of immigration and nationality law. We represent individuals, families, startups and corporations seeking legal support for all types of immigration issues. As immigration law is federal, it applies equally to all states. Our firm represents individuals and U.S. employers throughout the world. Regardless of where you are located, our attorneys can serve your US immigration needs. We have extensive experience in representing individuals before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, Immigration Court, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 
Employment Law
We represent clients in employment litigation vigorously. We have successfully negotiated employment related disputes with various federal agencies to the satisfaction of our clients. We believe in representing our clients by pursuing both litigation and negotiation strategies simultaneously as in employment litigation the agency procedures and EEOC time requirements are really crucial to a successful employment litigation.
Real Estate
We represent residential and commercial clients in real estate transactions that include among other aspects buying, selling, leasing of real property and or building structures. We spend time ensuring that the contract you enter into gives you the maximum protection. Our goal is to ensure that you understand your rights and duties as a party to a real estate transaction. We have extensive experience in complex real estate litigation involving foreclosures, loan modifications, improper note and deed of trust filings, and land installment contracts.
We represent corporations and individuals in tax disputes or facing tax audits by the Internal Revenue Service and/or the State authorities. We will review your tax issues and as appropriate recommend the best alternative to deal with your tax issues, which may include filing offer in compromise, negotiating installment agreements and attending audit hearings with the Internal Revenue Service and/or the State agency.
Trust, Wills & Estate Planning
We have competency in evaluating your will and estate planning needs and then preparing appropriate documents to preserve your wealth for your future generations. Our firm specializes in customizing your estate planning documents and tailoring them to your needs so that you have the maximum tax advantage.
Traffic Violations
We represent clients in minor and major traffic citation hearings in the State of Maryland, District of Columbia and Commonwealth of Virginia. Having a good driving record has become increasingly important as employers, both private and public entities are reviewing driving records of potential employees they want to hire. Therefore, we believe even a minor traffic violation involving a speeding ticket requires a strong legal represenation.
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