Anupa Mukhopadhyay, Esquire, Attorney at Law
Anupa Mukhopadhyay, Esquire, Attorney at Law

Our Philosophy

Our law practice is founded upon a philosophy of providing quality legal representation while maintaining focus on the needs of each individual client. Every client is important, and all legal issues of each client must be attended to with due diligence. Our practice focuses on confronting all legal issues which commonly arise for individuals, families and business owners. Since our founding, we have steadily grown and the scope of our services has grown with us. We have established relationships in the community which facilitate with our continued commitment to provide quality legal services to our clients.
Our office is located in White Plains, Maryland, however our state of the art network system gives us the capability to serve and respond to the needs of our clients all over the Unites States and around the world. Our attorneys are accessible 24/7 by phone, cell, fax and e-mail. We strive to maintain accessibility for our clients, so that we can quickly respond to their needs.
At the same time, our tradition of quality service and individual attention recalls a simpler time which fosters a “neighborhood lawyer” atmosphere. We are extremely aggressive when it comes to achieving the objectives we have set out for our clients. The size of the firm offers an advantage: small enough to provide an unusual degree of personal service, yet sophisticated enough to provide every type of professional support required by our clientele.
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